This full renovation of a father's childhood home in San Francisco houses a robust family life for surfers, makers, art collectors, and their two young boys. The remodel for this newly imagined floorplan includes a new kitchen and bathrooms among the many updates made to the home's overall interior architecture. Iconic mid-century seating, locally-made furnishings, and contemporary artwork were selected to pair naturally with the cohesive finish materials, lighting, and custom woodworking throughout. This design was a collaboration with project partner, Andrea Faucett.

Photography by AUBRIE PICK



This boutique-inspired dressing room is part of a complete home renovation on Alameda Island, CA for adventurous client Irene Edwards, Editor-in-Chief of Sunset Magazine. Facing a lack of storage common to Victorian-era houses, we found room for a walk-in closet by converting a bedroom into a transitional storage space, with openings to the master bedroom and master bath. The addition includes built-in closet cabinetry designed for maximum organization, displaying the client's collections and fashion-forward personality. The absence of closet doors at the exposed wardrobe is a space-saving technique used to provide wider walkways. Up top, the upper cabinets reach the ceiling and have solid doors for out-of-season storage. A center island acts as a dresser, jewelry chest, and prep surface.

The full residential remodel will be revealed in the upcoming March 2017 issue of Sunset Magazine. Follow along on the Sunset Westphoria blog to see previews of the completed project.

Photography by thomas story for sunset magazine


castro flat

The design of our own rental within a plain, nondescript building was intended to carve out a personal, easy home with built-in utility throughout. The main features for this city apartment are the multiple-use spaces including a home office shared with the living room and a dining room library. The updates included fixtures, hardware, and wall coverings with an emphasis on informal art arrangements, freestanding heirloom furnishings, and custom cabinetry and upholstery fabricated to fit the as-built measurements of our unit's floorplan.

Photography by Lauren Edith Andersen



A young, urban family started with an art collection and a new apartment in San Francisco as an empty canvas, calling upon us to completely fill the space - from the furnishings and accessories down to the kitchen gadgets and drawer inserts. With the client's selection of works by local Bay Area artists as inspiration, a palette of mid-century woods mixed with deep blues and greens was chosen to set a backdrop for their proud collection. The home's built-in open shelving provides easy-to-reach access and holds a hand-selected assortment of servingware for durable, everyday family living.

Photography by Lauren Edith Andersen